What is the difference between a club and a resort?

A club is members owned, you have a say in the day to day running of the club. Clubs are run by elected committees. Members of Heritage pay a yearly fee to join and can visit as many times in that year as they wish to. A resort is a business in which you pay a daily fee to visit and use the resorts facilities. Some resorts may have a yearly fee option and generally speaking you don’t have any say in the running of the resort.

Why should we join a club when people can go to a resort or can go to the beach for free?

When you join a club you can meet up with a lot of other families and couples and the camaraderie is great and the camaraderie is great. Your children will want to spend time with their new found friends which allows the adults to spend some quality time together socialising with other couples. All club activities are family oriented which means that you can participate as a family. Clubs are open all year round whereas the beach is very much governed by the weather. Even in winter there is still good reason to visit a club to enjoy damper making nights, trivia, sport, social functions, communal teas or just relaxing around a campfire.

As a club we organise trips to other clubs and nude resorts, beach days and bushwalks where we can all go as a large group.


Is Heritage clothing optional?

Heritage is a nudist club and not clothing optional. However common sense prevails and if the weather is cold and bleak you put clothes on to keep warm however if its hot enough to wear the club uniform then why not enjoy the freedom of being naked?

We heard that when you join a club all you do is work, is that true?

The only work that we hope you would join in on is the clean-up days. They are co-ordinated in Committee meetings and posted in Newsletters, So everyone does their little bit to help and keep the place in good order. A little work for unlimited days of enjoyment of what the Club, grounds and River have to offer isn’t too much to ask, now is it.

Do clubs have too many rules and regulations?

Welcome to the real world! There are rules and regulations everywhere you go in life, even resorts have rules. Take the time to think about it. If the world was a free for all, mayhem would rule. Rules and regulations are a necessity for any club or resort to function and they are designed for people to respect each others rights.

We are new to nudism/naturism and would like to try social nudity, what might be helpful and get us over “first time jitters?”

  1. Try nudity with your partner in your house or backyard.
  2. It is not a good idea to pressure your partner into social nudity, It is far better to take your time and gradually increase the frequency of “home nudity” and when you both feel comfortable with nudity at home and in the backyard then you can progress to the next stage. We recommend that you should only go nude in your backyard if it is private and you are not putting a show on for the public.
  3. Now is a good time to contact a nudist club and tell the membership secretary that you are new to social nudism, but practice “home nudity”.
  4. A club is a good way to start social nudity as everyone at the club is a nudist. Imagine going to a free beachfor the first time only to be seen by your neighbour who is fishing at the beach fully clothed! If there is someone you know at the nudist club they are there for the same reason that you are. When you visit a free beach there is a chance that you may be confronted by an undesirable person and that could create an abrupt end to your social nudity venture.
  5. When you join Heritage everyone goes on a six month probation period.
  6. When you are in a nudist environment and you are clothed you stand out from the crowd, when you are nude nobody notices.
  7. You will find all new friends who share the same interests as you and will tend to do things both at Heritage and outside Heritage.
  8. People from all walks of life are nudists and being nude brings everyone to the same level. There is no class distinction caused by clothes.
  9. We only use first names at Heritage, so if you wish to stay anonymous you can.

What are the rules for photography at Heritage?

The rules are simple, After the initial probation period of no cameras, you must obtain the permission of the person that you are taking the photo of before you take the photo and if you wish to publish any photos in any magazine the Heritage club and the person that you are taking the photo of must be notified prior to sending the photo away.

What age are the people that go to Heritage?

People of all ages and all sizes go to Heritage.

What items do we need to bring with us when we visit Heritage?

Items that could come in handy include:-

  • a bag for your rubbish.
  • sunscreen, hat etc. (shade is available)
  • towels (also used for sitting on).
  • Bring all food and drinks unless there is a Heritage function, in which case they all vary. Please confirm on responding.